Join the TRUE ATHENIAN FOODIES on a Culinary Expedition

What is Delicious Athens?

Delicious Athens, is a family-owned food tour business run by true Athenian foodies. Our mission is to provide you with an authentic and original culinary adventure and help you experience the true taste of Athens. Our short tours at the iconic city center of Athens are designed to help you discover the hidden food gems of the city. Born and raised Athenians, we know the best spots to take you to, guaranteeing that our tours will provide you with a fun and unforgettable culinary adventure.

The Idea

At Delicious Athens, we believe that food is a powerful medium for cultural exchange. By sharing a table, we share our stories, our food and our home. We aim to bring people closer together through a culinary expedition and provide a complete experience of Athens that encloses the best Athenian treats, wines, and distillments. We’ll take you sightseeing in the city center, visiting local shops and kafenia, Greek taverns, and the main and oldest fish and meat market of Athens. We offer a live-like-a-local, eat-like-a-local experience that’s built around the idea of hospitality. Come and join us for a friendly and fun food tour that you won’t forget!

Empirical Gastronomy

We pride ourselves on our empirical gastronomy approach. By visiting local, traditional shops and taverns, and experiencing the tastes, smells, and sounds of Athens food culture, you’ll acquire a unique and authentic experience. We believe that the best way to learn about a city’s food culture is to immerse yourself in it.